2 Dakika Kural için Chocolate TEMPERING MACHINE

2 Dakika Kural için Chocolate TEMPERING MACHINE

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Although nowadays many companies claim their systems are fully automated, small scale producers should realistically consider the skills of their operators, the ease of operation and the need for maintenance. In this aspect, systems with a simple machine layout might be preferable.

LST-BM600 ball mill is jointly developed by a group of technical personnel from different companies and uses special components processed by Chengdu military-civilian enterprises. At the same time, it saf adopted the advantages of many horizontal ball mill such as German BUHLER, Naichi, and Lehman, and  also cold and hot water internal circulation automatic temperature control system.

/ Chocolate Processing / By News Admin Chocolate is an incredibly versatile ingredient that emanet be used to create a variety of delicious treats. From milk chocolate bars to homemade chocolate truffles, chocolate is a must-have ingredient for any seasonal home cook or professional producer. But what many people don’t realize is that the delicious chocolate flavor and texture that we all love are the result of an intricate process that involves a machine called a chocolate refiner.

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It occupies asgari space and that places it apart from the Standard ball refiner systems. Due to its modular structure, the components and the capacity of the machine dirilik be changed and scaled as required

We've come a long way and it's much simpler to make chocolate at home than it once was. So just take your time. Ask questions. Read Chocolate Melting Tank and use that brain! We're always here if you need help. 

Smooth chocolate: The machine helps to refine the chocolate to a smoother texture, which enhances the eating experience.

We provide OEM service. At the same time, life-time after-sales service for our equipment are provided to world wide customer and we are looking forward to your visit.

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With ProfiNet, ABEthernet and WLAN interfaces, you kişi run and monitor your refining process from smart mobile devices. We sevimli also provide automation options to link into your plant control or Smart Factory systems, for reporting, remote diagnostics and integrated control functions.

The feed mass must have a certain consistency, which is determined by the initial fat content, particle properties and upstream process parameters. Here the particles are ground to their final size, usually below 30µm in order to avoid a sandy texture in the mouth in the final product. A difficulty is to combine the continuous refiners with downstream batch conches. Productivity of both machines strongly decreases if only one refiner is connected to one conch. Therefore usually a number of refiners are connected to a number of conches, which leads to relatively large production lines of several tons per hour. This is also one of the reasons why smaller companies hardly use this technology.

So in practice, chocolate makers will always have to negotiate individually with suppliers. This paper will provide an introduction to the possibilities on the market.

●It is combined with heavy-duty loading and milling, which ensures the high quality grinding result.

After building highly reputed conches, batch and in-line mixers for a long time, Lipp Mischtechnik özgü now developed a complete chocolate line called Eco2choc® (Figure 6). It is based on the ‘coarse conching’ processing concept. Development and optimisation are described in7; research has also shown that milk chocolate of good flow properties and taste hayat be produced. One key element is a high shear head or vortex chamber built into the kneading zone of the conch. It intensifies mass and energy taşıma, but also reduces particle size of crystal sugar to approximately 300μm – thus no pre-grinding device is necessary. Coarse conching time yaşama be short if just drying is needed, e.g.

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